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Teaching the proper techniques and care for handling firearms.  

About Us

Dedicated Instructors

David Kain is a Georgia certified Firearm Instructor.  He has been teaching firearms since 2014 to law enforcement and civilians.  Joshua Ricks is a Georgia certified Firearm Instructor. He has been in law enforcement for ten years.  Storm Firearm Solutions' goal is to provide proven skills and techniques to win the gun fight.  Using a firearm against another person is a serious event that you cannot leave to chance.  You do not rise to the occasion, you will default to your level of training.   Come train with us at The Trading Place in Monroe.  Let us raise your level!


We use Trading Place Gun and Pawn in Monroe, Ga. to provide and indoor climate controlled range to work with new shooters.  We also have two outdoor ranges in the Monroe area to provide facilities that enable us to move in a 3D world and work advanced firearm drills.

Our Motto

Storm Firearm Solutions: Providing firearm techniques, tested through experience, to succeed in our current world.


Basic Firearm Familiarization

This is an Introduction to fundamentals of firearm handling.  We use hands on training to show basic marksmanship.  We introduce the new shooter to several types of pistols and help evaluate what weapon system will fit their current needs.

Advanced Pistol

This is for a shooter comfortable with their current weapon and looking to move their skill level beyond what they currently possess.  We will introduce speed and movement through different outdoor drills.  The shooter will also shoot from different positions consistent with their lifestyle,  not just stand static on a firing line.

The AR 15 Platform

The  AR 15 rifle has exploded across the firearm market in the past few years.  This program is for the AR 15 owner who needs to understand basic cleaning, maintenance, zeroing and marksmanship.  This is conducted outdoor with different zero options for iron sights or optics.

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If  you have questions about our  programs, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.

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